Sunday, September 19, 2010

Parents of bullied kids: Should they be adult bullies in defense of their kids?

James Jones, a furious Florida dad stormed onto his child’s school bus because his 13-year-old daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy had been bullied.

It’s normal for a parent to be upset about their children being bullied. And no one can ever fault this dad for being upset. His poor child was being tormented by boys on the bus.

Yet, this dad terrified innocent kids on the bus, used the “F” word and threatened to kill whoever was responsible for bullying his daughter. Death threats cannot be taken lightly no matter how upset a person is.

Does her deserve jail? NO! But, as diffifcult as it is, Mr. Jones along with other parents need to approach this issue rationally.

Yesterday, parents in New York went to a bully’s home and told the bully’s parents that their child was bullying their child. But it didn’t stop there. They threatened the bully with horrible things that would happen to him.

The bully’s parents were devastated that their child was a bully and have already taken steps to rectify the situation, but to have their child threatened by adults was taking it too far.

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